Cornhole Tournament


When: Saturday, November 10 2012, 12:45 PM to 1:30 PM
Location: Grass right outside of the gate to Mayer Field in both sets of grass areas
Category: Activity

Register a team of 2 by 1:15pm Saturday, Oct 13 for a chance to win Fireside bucks on site. 


1. Each contest will consist of 1 game where the object is to be the first team to reach the score of 21. 

2. Corn Bag In-The-Hole is worth 3 points

3. Corn Bag On-The-Board is worth 1 point

4. Any bag that bounces from the ground to the board does not count

5. Cancellation Scoring - In cancellation scoring, corn bags in-the-hole and corn bags on-the-board pitched by opponents during an inning or half of an inning in doubles play cancel each other out. Only non cancelled corn bags are counted in the score for the inning. 



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