Slam Poet


When: Thursday, January 17 2013, 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Location: Gillmor Atrium
Categories: Activity, Social
Performance details are as follows: 
Thursday, January 17
Gillmor Atrium
Admission is free

Natural Jones is a collaborative. As a musical effort of creativity, Natural Jones' urban approach to music is one of spectacular originality.

Individually, D Jones and Natural both have a passion for poetry, music and thought processes through a collaborative movement.

Natural Jones concentrates on the body of achievement. One arm of the body is musical. By combining their individual musical talents they collectively take each other higher and challenge each other to reach new plains. They use each other's art form to better each other. “D Jones and I represent the hands of the body of what we do [achievement] and right now, we're holding hands,” said Natural.

The duo is not only passionate about poetry, music and thought processes through a collective movement, they have a passion for standing up against injustice. The imbalance of power of humanity is major injustice, which Natural Jones has educated itself about and committed itself to standing up against. “We educate ourselves with the understanding of what's being injected into our society,” says D Jones. “The mainstream is not for the people, its for the people's money and destroying the people,” says Natural. Natural Jones hopes people, themselves included, will stop paying for their own destruction.

When it comes to impacting their audience Natural Jones hopes to insight humanity and justice. The duo united in saying, “We want people to think.” They believe that some people know, overcome and/or do nothing about the reality that we all live in. The majority of humanity are those who do not even recognize the reality and they are the worst. Those who have something to say should take advantage of all of the information and resources available to them about the reality in which they live and get that reality out for others to become aware of. Sharing information and personal experiences is one common theme of Natural Jones. While some of their music is fun and personal with a pretty touch, it is mostly about taking every opportunity you can to express yourself.

Natural Jones is a collective movement for the community whose passion for creative urban music educates and moves others.


What is slam poetry? 

The term "slam poem" is really an umbrella category for all poems meant to be performed for a live audience in a competitive environment. "Spoken word" refers to all poetry meant to be performed aloud, including in noncompetitive environments like open mics. Therefore, all other kinds of poems, from haiku to sonnets to love poems, can be considered slam or spoken word poems. And slam and spoken word poems can be the exact same thing.

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